Kerala: India's Superbrand

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Managing Committee - 2017 - '19


President Mr. Baby Mathew
Vice President Mr. Riyaz U C
Hony.Secretary Mr. Jose Pradeep
Hony. Jt. Secretary Mr. Hari Kumar C
Hony.Treasurer Mr. Gopinathan G
Committee Members                     
Secretary -Tourism, Govt. of Kerala (ex-officio) Ms. Rani George IAS
Director - Tourism,Govt. of Kerala (ex-officio) Mr. P Bala Kiran IAS
Mg.Director - KTDC- (ex-officio) Mr. Rahul R  Pillai IRS
Imm. Past President (ex-officio) Mr. Abraham George
  Mr. Gopalakrishnan M R
  Mr. Jibran Asif
  Ms. Jose Mathew
  Ms. Mallika Dinesh Kumar
  Mr. Manoj Babu
  Mr. Mohammed Ansari K A
  Mr. Rakesh O M
  Mr. Ross Masood P M
  Mr. Scaria Jose
  Mr. Shilendran M
  Mr. Sibi P Mathew
  Mr. Swaminathan S
CEO Mr. K S Shine



One of the ten paradises in the world - National Geographic Traveller
State of enlightenment - National Geographic Traveller
One of the 100 great trips for the 21st century - Travel & Leisure
Where India flows at a relaxed pace - The New York Times
Voyage of Enchanting Hours - Condé Nast Traveller
Worth the Journey - Time
Seductive - Weekend Financial Times, London
Truly God's Own Country - Sir Paul McCartney
Kerala's real pull lies in the rich masala of it's cities and its milder backwaters - The Guardian - Travel

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