Samudrika,Willingdon Island, Kochi
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    September 4th to November 26 at Kerala backwaters
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Kerala is a unique destination in many ways, right from various landscapes to preserved heritage.

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Kerala Travel Mart

KTM brings together the business fraternity and the entrepreneurs behind Kerala's unparalleled tourism products and services.

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Kerala Travel Mart

claims to be the only Mart which focuses solely on one destination.

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Welcome to Kerala Travel Mart

(Kerala - Asia’s Fastest Growing Destination)

A land that runs along the western coast of Indian Peninsula, a land often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’ and a land where Nature abodes is all but one - The Land of Kerala. With rich history, culture and heritage, Kerala has always been a perfect example of India’s richness and diversity. It has welcomed traders from Europe and Middle East since the 15th century and even today has glimpses of the various cultures that were practiced here. The rich spices grown here has been an attraction to visitors since centuries. Even today it contributes a major part of pepper production in India. It was Vasco Da Gama who paved way for European sailors to reach Kerala by finding the sea route back in 1498. Since then the visits to Kerala by people from across the globe has been continuing for various reasons

The real reason to visit Kerala which lies at the southwestern tip of the subcontinent, is for the intellectual adventure:Kerala is a bazzar anomaly among developing nations, a place that offers real hope for the future of the Third World.
- National Geograpic Traveler

About KTM Society

The Kerala Travel Mart Society is a permanent institution, constituted and registered as a Society under the Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955.

The Society has, as its objectives, to conduct the Travel Mart in particular, and to become a mechanism for an effective and continuous public/private partnership to facilitate the promotion of tourism in the State of Kerala.

The Society is governed by a President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Jt. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and seventeen Committee members.


Among the travel destination in India and also Globally, Kerala has been a super brand in itself by offering an exquisite experience of nature, culture, heritage, life and people. The rich beauty and preserved art of this ‘God’s Own Country’ continues to attract travellers to see her natural beauty. The brand Kerala instantly reminds one of the serene backwaters, golden sunsets, exhilarating Kathakali performances, flavorsome dishes with a touch of coconut, ayurvedic spas more such experiences that are unique to Kerala alone.


Kerala is ‘The Destination’ for innovative and unique business as the destination offers programs and places that can be visited by people of all ages and varied interests. There are numerous options from low budget to high-end experiences and each comes with its own uniqueness. As a business prospect Kerala can be explored to offer variety of products, whether leisure, adventure, culinary, culture- oriented, educational or even ayurvedic and yoga based products can be offered to travellers.


Kerala COVID-19 recovery was rooted in three simple philosophies that even the rest of india , along with countries such as the UK and the US couldn't apply timely. No other states ...


Awards & Accolades

(LONELY PLANET) Cochin among top 10 cities to visit in 2020.
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(NATGEO TRAVELLER) Cochin ranked 9th among 25 top tourist destination to explore 2020
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PATA( Pacific Asia Travel Association) Gold Award for Travel Advertisement Broadcast Media , 2019
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Innovation in Public Policy and Governance Award for Kumarakom Responsible Tourism Project, 2013
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Das Goldene Stadttor Award for Ayurveda Campaign, 2013 ITB berlin
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