Welcome to Kerala Travel Mart

(Kerala - Asia’s Fastest Growing Destination)

The motive to promote tourism and its related activities in the State of Kerala, led to the formation of Kerala Travel Mart Society in 2000. This society’s major objective was to create a common ground for travel agents from across the globe and the service providers in Kerala to connect. This not just led to promotion of Tourism, but also gave rise to a professional approach to Tourism activities in Kerala. KTM claims to be the only Travel Mart that concentrates on a single state, making it a unique brand.

Since then, KTM has been the spokesman for tourism industry in the State of Kerala. It also remains a non- profit organization which has been keen on promoting Tourism and its various sectors. Right from Hotels to service providers, the KTM society has been incorporating the best in all tourism sectors and showcases them to the world. Its sole objective being promotion and progress of Kerala Tourism has been the leading force for the success of Kerala Travel Mart. The Society plays a vital role in filtering the best product service providers which enables customers to choose better.

KTM - The Event

The Kerala Travel Mart has become an integral part of events in the field of Tourism. The biennial event has been successful in bringing travel agents from all over the globe to familiarize with the destinations and tourism activities in Kerala, under one program.
The Mart creates a great learning experience for the buyers, while sellers get an insight on the requirements which has been a major reason for progress and innovative moves in Tourism. The 11th Edition which is to take place in September, 2020 is set to be held in Samudrika , Indira Gandhi Rd Willingdon Island Kochi Kerala.
The major event is scheduled from 24th of September which would go on till the 27th . During this time various International and Domestic Buyers will be given the complete insight on various products, properties and services. The sellers too get the chance to exhibit their products and thereby creating a greater business opportunity on a Global scope. Apart from these dates, the KTM Society also organizes Pre-Mart and Post- Mart Tours for both International and Domestic buyers who wish to see more of the destinations in Kerala. KTM has been seen as Global event as it concentrates on single State on an International level.