CSR Agenda-9

Waste management

Kerala Travel Mart Society members have pledged to undertake the management of both solid and liquid wastes in their establishment. This is an initiative to keep God’s Own Country cleaner and pristine.

Planting More Trees

Kerala is known for its rich flora which the KTM society pledges to flourish with their active participation in planting and preserving trees in every destination. New projects and celebrations initiating planting of trees are also focused on.

Rainwater Harvesting

KTM Society members have pledged to maximise rainwater harvesting and reduce the usage of municipal and ground water resources. This is a very important step to preserve our resources by also recycling the water.

Organic Farm Produce

KTM Society Members pledge to promote and increase the production and usage of Organic produces right from edible items to durable goods and also wellness items that not only benefits the local farmers, but also generates safe to use products for well being.

Renewable Energy

Kerala Travel Mart Society's members has given the pledge of reducing the use of fossil fuel and grid supplied energy by utilising energy efficient lights and equipment and by maximising the generation and use of renewable energy sources.

Reducing Use of Plastic

KTM Society Members pledge to reduce the usage of plastics specially in tourists areas to prevent pollution and increase the awareness among people on the harmful aspects of plastics.

Local Procurement

Kerala Travel Mart Society's members has given the pledge of promoting local procurement and encourage local produce wherever possible with emphasis on more employment and business opportunities for women.

Livelihood Opportunities

KTM Society Members pledge to provide more livelihood opportunities through their work, programs and initiatives which can support the local. An integral part of it is Responsible Tourism which again focuses on generating job opportunities for people through tourism.

Promote Art, Craft & Cuisine

KTM Society Members have pledged to promote the Art, Craft and Cuisine of Kerala which make Kerala unique. Each of these elements are kept intact and preserved and this creates opportunities for visitors to experience the real land of Kerala.

KTM office

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